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Westley Construction Ltd acknowledges the impact its activities within the civil engineering and construction industry has on the environment and accepts its responsibilities and obligations to contribute to the resolution of global and local environmental issues by reducing its environmental impacts by making a commitment to the sustainable development and promotion of environmental good practice.

In order to achieve our objectives we aim to:

  • Use recycled and recyclable materials where appropriate, choosing products and suppliers which minimise negative environmental impacts, thereby promoting sustainable development
  • Avoid the unnecessary use of hazardous materials and processes and to take all reasonable steps to prevent damage to either public or ecological health where such materials are in essential use;
  • Reduce the effect of noise, dust, disturbance and inconvenience from operational activities
  • Adhere to regulations that protect natural habitats and local wildlife and preserve biological diversity
  • Increase awareness and appreciation of environmental issues amongst our employees and subcontractors and encourage them to apply their knowledge to the wider community
  • Work closely with clients to identify key environmental issues and seek innovative solutions and appropriate alternatives
  • Continually monitor and implement new best practice principles
  • Continue to comply with all relevant legislation and codes of practice

The Managing Director is responsible for the effective implementation of this policy, but all employees must make a personal commitment to its success.

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